Friday, December 2, 2016

Max Demian - Take It Too The Max LP 79 w The Call Of The Wild LP 80

REPOST Request:  Sorry for long delay on first request as I must have got him mixed up with Max Webster.  This is great stuff---take it too the MAX!!!
Link 1 of 2:
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Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Max Demian. I have both Vinyl.



NOVEMBER 25, 2014 AT 2:03 PM
S.D. Joe said...
Two vastly-underrated gems from the days of wayback.

Any chance of a re-post? (You prolly can't see this but trust me: I'm being VERY poignant'n'sincere here – and as big-eyed as a velvet painting from the 1950s...)

Thanks for a great site, whether you post the links or not!


OCTOBER 11, 2016 AT 9:32 AM

S.D. Joe said...

What - did you think I would be so callously ungrateful as to not slobber praise all over you for these re-posts?

Like I've told you and told you - by conservative estimate, sir, I find your blog to be one of the god-damndest things ever seen. There's no telling what you'll exhume and post next except it's sure to be astonishing.

And you do re-posts! How friggin' great is that?

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Thanks S.D. Joe! You are too kind Sir!! As you just did, I kind of rely on the commenters to help keep me straight on all this great music--a lot really every week I am hearing for the first time. Stuff I overheard at our old Mpls. bi-monthly record shows actually two unrelated ones were doing that when I lived out there and got to know as good friends that I am still connected to on facebook some amazing music collectors! But it all started from friends in junior high pulling me away from my fourth grade multiband radio and roller skating rink AOR and Power Pop Vocal K-Tel hit parade music obsession begun with our family of four boys four girls and two parents who got us all started with after church Sunday records and those jr. High friends got me out of the RCA record club and AOR radio obsession with Gary Numan's "In Cars" and Dire Strait's "Making Movies" to buying every Hardcore Punk album I would see on my bus trips from the burbs to Downtown Block E and then going to live shows as a next step to Prince's First Avenue club. Will always be a bootlegger and got into computers early on so when I started recording with a box tape recorder held up to that multiband radio like my Beatles/Doors/Hendrix 1960 brother and Stones/Springsteen/Tom Waits 1962 brother had I finally got a Panasonic tape/records/radio room dresser unit like my b-52's/talking Heads/Ted Nugemt 1964 sister had and started to get to know the Red and white RCA jacks then to single prong to my first computer in 2000. I still have the same Gemini PMX-100 pre-amp from when I started. Figured out new settings last week had some treble turds on the Nils Lofgren stuff due to some dust and a fixed spot on the fine adjust slide lever got set in so this week with Stills wearing the number 41 MN Vikings jersey, bumped the line-in volume back to 41% from 44% max level before background fuzz but max treble and rotated large preamp sound adjust knob higher so I could move the preamp slide fine adjust off the worn in sweet spot I've used for a long time and know Blind Owl and Swan's Way for next week sound great! In the old days I would lower line in to 29% to eliminate the trebles. Anyways took until right now to account for all the externals finally but I only really notice on my new car speakers and not the home laptop with all 6000+ rips I like to play on random in 8 yellow PC folders of about 40-50 GB each.

S.D. Joe said...

You can always rely on a man from Minnesota, I allus say.

Salt of the very earth, those folks.......