Monday, December 12, 2016

GREG LAKE - st LP 81 w Manoeuvres LP 83

R.I.P. Greg Lake last week.  Band also featured the great Gary Moore (R.I.P.) on guitar as you will recognize the opening track that he featured on his solo LP's, Tommy Eyre who appeared on records from Joe Cocker, Michael Schenker, Gerry Rafferty, ZZebra, Gary Moore, B.B. King, John Mayal, Tracy Chapman and Wham, and then also Ted McKenna who was in Tear Gas, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Rory Gallagher, Ian Gillan all of who have been posted here or soon will be (you can guess which ones WON'T appear).  Of course Greg Lake is the fine voice of the first couple King Crimson albums.  O.K. O.K. I'll bring those two albums in per a request.
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S.D. Joe said...

Greg Lake was one of those dudes who technically peaked right off, with Crimson, and began sliding downward immediately afterwards - though it was hard to tell for a while, because his simple, melodic ballads were often the highlight of those ELP albums, and he seemed always to have at least one good tune on even his blandest post-70s projects.

And let me say this without a frou-frou bone in my his Crimson/ELP days, his boyish-cum-angelic good looks were friggin' catnip to schoolgirls of all ages (anybody who went to school back then with anyone who looked even a little like Lake knows exactly what I'm talking about - the trick was to stand near enough in their vicinity to catch their rejects and seconds).

Considering how grotesquely he valkilmered in his later years, it seems almost impossible that Greg Lake was ever Tiger Beat material....but he was, kids, he was, and doubtless that helped sell a shitload of lps back in the day. (It must've, because he clearly never missed a meal in the 40 years subsequent.)

RIP regardless. If you haven't downloaded the ELP debut lp, just below this entry, do so immediately. Early Greg is best Greg, as one listen will confirm.