Monday, November 7, 2016

Q-16 - About Face EP 83 w A Thousand Reasons EP 86

Beyond Queen, how many 'Q' bands can you think of??  Well here and below in the queue are two!
REPOSTED:  Sorry folks, the labels were all wrong as well as the recording settings so I redid it last night and should sound better!  You know how it goes when you are surrounded by bold faced white just ends up affecting you.  But my aim is true and I FINALLY solved my little 'treble turds' problem...I had the line-in computer volume too low so it was chopping them...also got my frequencies back up to 96000 Hz which has an effect of lowering treble and boosting mid-range over 44.1/48,000 kHz settings which I have never used but left it there two weeks ago.  Also I like to record with the signal just hitting the red zone and sometimes I don't check all the loud songs and ends up too high and stuff gets chopped that way too.  Then also I have been using software boost at low levels which is O.K. but too high can wreck some speakers but it is more or less like my round knob large adjust and slide lever fine adjust on my pre-amp.  Beyond that sometimes the record is just grooved too badly from bad stylus needles from repeated plays and thus some records are treble fuzzier than others.  Well see whatcha think!  My home laptop covers up most of this fine adjust stuff as I play it pretty low but my car speakers have really taken a beating and you can hear all the imperfections but I'm sassified now!

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