Monday, November 14, 2016

MANDRILL - Is LP 72 w Composite Truth LP w Mandrilland 2LP w Beast From The East LP 75 w Solid LP 75 w We Are One LP 77 w New Worlds LP 78

Yep, when the ominous Ape image appears you know it is a serious sign, such as in Indonesia threatening their habitat and rain forest land all from Pepsi CONFLICT PALM OIL PLANTS.  Well, I used to have all their albums but somehow in all the moves lost the first st with the classic "Symphonic Revolution" and also "Just Outside of Town" LP but you get the highest rated per Wiki as first songs!  I think you could connect a line to the advanced live scene going on in the early seventies with the Grateful Dead per the movie at the same time to Mandrill's hit song "Polk Street Carnival" released on the U.K. Polydor label--sounds like an early Special's song!!!  American band based in Brooklyn with brothers who moved up from Panama.
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