Monday, October 10, 2016

Jason And The Nashville Scorchers - Fervor MiniLP 84 w Early

O.K. this request has come via several ways and a bit garbled if you ask me but now I see why.  The Wikipedia write up is too vague!!  My European counterpart Wildevilman ( actually writes his own Wiki articles and has Euro music well covered as he has seen a lot of the bands as best source.  I have also seen many of my favorite punk and post punk bands but as you can see by my volume of posts and non-cropped pictures I really don't have time to do it all.  I believe the guy wanted the early versions which I tacked on from a JayIRC completist post long ago here but it is from a nineties CD.  I actually have the "White Lies" on tape somewhere as a local radio hit with opener Dylan cover track first but would have picked up the 84 EMI EP this weekend when I went on my rounds so he would have got that too.  At least he can verify by song length per article.  BTW this bnad created history like Long Ryders, cowpunk, etc. but radio style I guess?  Just read the Wiki, recommended.

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simonthecat said...

Thanks for the hard work in locating this and putting it up. The Fervor tracks are the rerelease, though - the artwork gives it away, as the Praxis version is credited to Jason and the Nashville Scorchers, and the second version removes Nashville, as at the time I know a lot of people were kind of put off by the idea of a rock band coming from the center of the C&W world. Anyway, my thanks again for the effort!