Monday, October 17, 2016

FRANCK POURCEL - Plays Midnight Cowboy LP

Another movie I like from long ago where the soundtrack recently came into my radar for quick buy.  I am going to quote the classic text:  It would be impossible to hang a generation tag on Franck Pourcel, for the music which he arranges and conducts radiates the same youth, the same now, the same zing as the sports cars that are Franck's spare-time hobby.  Pourcel, who has quietly and without personal publicity stunts, sold nearly 20,000,000 records, has once and for all exploded the myth that young people don't care about good music.  Wrapped in a package of contemporary feeling and tied with ribbons of fantastic musicianship, Pourcel's albums have one after another connected soundly with the Now Generation.  Pourcel's striking arrangements not only appeal to their ears, but constantly surprise those ears with new kinds of sounds, with highs and lows from which they've been sheltered by more conservative arrangers.

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