Thursday, August 4, 2016

NINA HAGEN - Nina Hagen Band (GER) LP 78 w Unbehagen (GER) LP 79 w My Way EP 79 (U.S.) w 10 EP 80 w NUNSEXMUNKROCK LP 82 w Fearless LP 83 w Ekstasy LP 85 w Universal Radio EP 85

REPOST Request:  We love Nina around here!
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Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Anonymous said...
Really awesome stuff. She must have been the first artist to thank RHCP in her LP liner notes.

Cheers & Thanks!!


MARCH 5, 2014 AT 7:33 AM
totallyXtina said...
OMG, so happy that I found this. Had this on vinyl in the earlier years. Saw her a couple of times in Germany. She's so genius in this 2 dimaonds of german punk. Totally recommandable!!!!! 5/5 Stars!!!

APRIL 21, 2016 AT 4:04 PM

Since I am catching up on my 'solo women' theme posts, I had forgot to include these from the Isksp blog to add to my previous rips. Regarding that last post of Nina, I read an interesting write up at one of my favorite Facebook entities called "Dangerous Minds" saying they thought her English LP's after these two releases were pure psychedelic--beyond even what the Butthole Surfers did!

Raygun1966 said...

This is the best blog I've ever frequented, hands down.
Thank you for posting Nina...the exact mood I've been in.