Tuesday, June 7, 2016

SPOONS - Definitely Live LP 81 w Stick Figure Neighbourhood LP 81

REPOST and ADD-ON:  O.K. now that I look at this, the live reposted band is early New Wave from Denver but the other that came out in the same year must be U.K. or Canadian or Aussie with that spelling.  Both are excellent IMO and now since  I numbered them together, won't overlap on yer yellow folder plaays.


FervorCoulee said...

Stick Figure Neighbourhood is the first album by the Ontario band ("Nova Heart.)

Anonymous said...

The Spoons were from Toronto. Several hits in Canada (and possibly beyond). This was their first significant release - subsequently they had a big hit with Arias and Symphonies (featuring Nova Heart) - and through the eighties they continued with a number of other hits and videos (Romantic Traffic) comes to mind.

They still tour a bit.

It was a common name for a band. I have heard of at least three...

Anonymous said...

Stick Figure is the first album from Toronto Canada band The Spoons.

Punk Archivist said...

The second band was from Burlington, Ontario. Canadians refuse to use the U.S. way of spelling words, generally.

Doug said...

Spoons 'Stick Figure Neighbourhood' (1981) are/were a Burlington,Ontario band.The Spoons 'Definitely Live' are obviously a US band.Looks they were Colorado based.Greg Overton was in Firefall.And of course there was ... Spoon.Kinda confusing to an old brain!

Oh ... thanks.