Tuesday, May 31, 2016


NOW HERE is a record that definitely proves a theory.  I was reading a post on the Vinyl Addiction facebook page last week about the cause of pops and clicks on records and a commenter said they are from people trying to find songs by dropping the needle near the songs they like and not using the lever that is made for this.  This here is an awesome funky party album that came out right after the Red Hot Chili Peppers debut in 1986 (otherwise they may have been just as big) and it was littered with pops and I cut out a few and used my software lever function on high for the rest but yeah they were all over the place on the first few songs like "Payback" and "Get On The Bus" which are ferocious party songs!!  I can just see this platter getting played at a rocking house party and someone keep playing the funky ass tunes non-stop!!  And here I was calling the pops (to myself) "emotive marks" as they seemed to occur to me right at uncomfortable silences in a song or after embarrassing lyrics or something...wasn't too far off.  These guys were pretty huge and in the biggest nineties festivals in midwest USA.  I'll have to look into them some more and see what Wiki says.  Enjoy!

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