Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The DJ comment sticker I took off this record for the picture had one lowly comment....'JUNK'.  Ha ha, it just goes to show one man's junk is another man's treasure.  Back in college during the late eighties I was trying for a yellow light and a lady turned right in front of me and crushed my front tire under her car.  I should have held her accountable for her actions at that point and maybe gotten a new bike but said I was O.K. and not to worry about it (I'm from a middle class family of ten where I hated to be a bother to others and didn't think a new tire was a big deal).  At any rate I got the tire and kept riding to my college summer job 15 miles each way but didn't realize my bottom pedals were crooked and so began a twenty year imbalance where one leg got longer and my left brain got cut off and so became an "Immaculate Fool" with a dominating right brain that became a 'tentacle energy pattern' and I started as Bad Brains would say "Living in the Movies" and living PMA.  It wasn't until getting fired from eight different engineering/technical sales jobs (yeah left brain is math, etc) for no good reasons and spending most of my thirties at free meals and on unemployment (used the money to buy all these records) that I finally paid $5 for an Alpha-Biotics neck correction that I finally got cured.  So this album really speaks to me and I will keep it.  Enjoyed the first two X-Men during that time along with many other movies I thought were reflections on my life the same day I saw them but have missed the others (I heard the franchise went bad) oh well anybody from Hollywood want to hire me to be a paid movie watcher?  I'm serious.  But it did get real bad at the end and during a Run Westy Run show they stopped playing because I felt 'uncomfortable' not saying a word.  Oh well lots of the Radio K music in the Nineties/Oughts ruled IMO during this imbalance time.  Also, I became quite a truth seeker during that time and a lot of positive change has occurred in the U.S. since then as I needed to understand why I kept getting canned at work before I got cured.  Remember the right brain (and I am already left-handed) controls rhythm & creative thought & connects w/nature/society.

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