Wednesday, March 23, 2016

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - The Sound Of The Crowd 12 EP 78 w EP 78 w EP 79 w Reproduction LP 79 w Travelogue LP 80 w Dare LP 81 w Hysteria LP 83 w Lebanon EP 83 w Crash LP 86 w Greatest Hits LP 89

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Lord Vhs said...

Gosh! what a plenty of gems this Holy Week (at least, here, in Spain)
thanks a lot. I love techno and your vinyl sound is matchless....
You're the one, you're the big boss of music's blogs. Have a nice rest of month.

gym said...

Thanks for your great blog! Any chance on a repost? I was able to DL reproduction and league unlimited orch.


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

To gym,
Links are restored!

gym said...

Thank you very much, that's so nice of you! I'm sure I never would have gotten around to digitizing mine!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for very much posting this! And thanks for all the artwork and putting this big collection together.
After going through this, I would just note a couple of things:
(1) The version of Mirror Man (4:21) from the Mirror Man 12'' single is missing.
(2) Side B of the Fascination 12'' appears to be missing - but this might just be the same as track 51 ((Keep Feeling) Fascination--Improvisation), which is the last track on the Fascination! EP.
(3) Tracks 46 through 50 have the wrong titles. The correct titles are given in [brackets] below:
46 - (Keep Feeling) Fascination Improvisation - EP 82.mp3 [ = Keep Feeling Fascination-Extended, 4:55 (NB: This is track A1 from the Fascination! EP)]
47 - (Keep Feeling) Fascination Extended - FASCINATION! EP 81.mp3 [ = Mirror Man, 3:48 (NB: This is not the same as the version from the Mirror Man 12'', whose duration is 4:21)]
48 - Mirror Man - FASCINATION! EP 81.mp3 [ = Hard Times, 4:51]
49 - Hard Times - FASCINATION! EP 81.mp3 [ = I Love You Too Much, 3:15]
50 - You Remind Me Of Gold - FASCINATION! EP 81.mp3 [ = You Remind Me of Gold, 3:35]
(4) Tracks 43 and 44 are side B of the Mirror Man 12'' single. But the title track, that is, side A appears to be missing.
(5) Track 45 is side A of the Fascination (Red) 12''. Side B track would appear to be same as track 51 (i.e., the last track on the Fascination! EP).
(6) Tracks 46 through 51 are the Fascination! EP.
(7) The link for the 7th part is missing.