Friday, November 13, 2015

Level 42 - st LP 81 w The Pursuit of Accidents LP 82 w Standing In The Light LP 83 w A Physical Presence 2LP 85 w World Machine LP 85 w Running In The Family LP 87 w Staring At The Sun LP 88 w Level Best of... LP 89

REPOST Request:  A timely request that seemed to fit perfectly into today's theme and is what I think is the best sounding groupings of rips I did.  Not sure what Level 42 means beyond that it is a higher level than 33 degree mason (they hold the empty 13th chair in their meetings of 12 for Satan) at the top of our U.S. government's/Archeon (pre-sanskrit writers) chain of authority.  However it is a force of good which I believe will always be higher than corrupted evil (even if they did have to reshape the world 4000 years ago with nuclear bombs when old age was 175 and Carbon dating was correct then--here's a cool link from a cutting edge researcher who has connected the evidence of our world history of Atlantis creationism out of control that led to destruction only to be luckily saved by Prince Joseph behind the Pharaoh in Egypt stock piling water in the pyramids is the reason I can write now:  I suggest you read it as it is not taught in our U.S. schools and I know I will be buying the book when it's out.
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