Friday, November 6, 2015

CONEY HATCH - st LP 82 w Outa Hand LP 83

REPOST and ADD-ON:  O.K. I was doing a little comparison testing and playing with settings using my Ortofon S-120 good old stand by needle that I have used since the beginning and their new Archiv needle supposedly customized for vinyl preservation that I have been using the last three weeks and decided to go back to old stand by for now with this Add-On of second album.  I guess I'll keep it in my vinyl 'toolbox' as reserve and may play with it later as I got a good rip with the 1968 Touch album I thought but too much extra treble and noise in most of the other records I ripped so in my mind it is a piece of shit.  Maybe I can play with it more later and find a use like with my old Numark needle that I use when a skip is present with the S-120, I swap for the song and no skip!
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