Wednesday, November 18, 2015

BUZZCOCKS - Singles Going Steady LP 79

I couldn't believe I didn't have this one in my electronic files last night, so in an emergency 'stop gap' measure I ripped my old cassette of this album (last track is slightly truncated as it is over 45 minutes of pure greatness!)  Absolutely wore this one out at my buddies house who had a pretty decent stereo and taped it for me so a very few smoothed over zones that you won't notice.  I was lucky enough to see them twice and the only time I ever took shrooms at First Ave to see a show and what a show!!!
Download immediately if you don't have this!  I have the previous LP Different Kitchens?  I think it's named on vinyl so I will rip that along with the Spiral Scratch EP that I have from a blog as FLAC.  I also have some video so may try to do that but looks like it's realplayer files but maybe not.

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