Monday, November 9, 2015

ABC - Alphabet City LP 87

My skater buddy who we called 'Skip' had this big bush of hair in front so we called him "Bush".... Ah funny how that is but he unlike me could play the DK's famous song Holiday in Cambodis" and some Agent Orange (actually I can play "Living in Darkness" myself--the easy repeated riff at the start of the song but I digress who really dug the Jam/Weller/Style Council I was mentioning on that post was also into this band quite a bit.  This is all I have from ABC but I know where the rest are at a store so I may be adding to this based on comments, etc.  some good songs here like "Rage and then Regret" and the opener has got that Wendy Williams talk show audience loon call or whatever...we watch at work.

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jim kosmicki said...

I always liked the neo-soul sound of this band. Given the popularity of Fitz and the Tantrums among my children's friends, I keep waiting for this band to get rediscovered.