Monday, November 2, 2015

A Child's Garden Of Grass - A Pre-Legalization Comedy LP 71

This one's almost as good as the last quirky comedy vocal record I posted a month or so ago called "A Pause In The Disaster LP 70 - The Satire Of The Conception Corporation" which has really grown on me over time and I think it's awesome.  You may recognize a classic sample here of someone saying and sounding out the word "marijuana" maybe from Beastie Boys, but not sure.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I have this one and used to listen to it a lot back in high school the 80s. I kinda miss "comedy albums" and pounding the same comedy routines into your head by listening to them over and over back in the days before cable let alone internet gave us so many entertainment choices and made such repetition unnecessary... Thanks for saving me the time of crate digging and ripping this one. I know as soon as I hear it again I'll be reciting the lines from the recesses of my memory...