Monday, October 12, 2015


Another band from the Stiff label ala Any Trouble (both in comp. above) that is very good but buried in obscurity...Enjoy!  Loving that dude on the left with his facetious look!


Jim H. said...

These guys were really great...i remember seeing their music clips on tv, way pre-MTV, in like early 1980, and it was just a cool sound......i know they were were from Staten Island, NY, and put out a second LP on Stiff in 81 called "Turn It Up", which, sadly, was not as good as this debut.....that was all they wrote, and I believe bassist Marco Sin died some years back.....saw them on the Stiff Tour 1980 and they really rocked...thanks much!!!!!!!!

Jim P. said...

I love this album so much. Definitely one of the best ever on Stiff (which is saying something). Jim H. is right, the second album isn't as good as this but it's still pretty decent (produced by Nick Garvey from the Motors). Marco (the guy on the left with the look!) has sadly died after years of being a stage manager for the Waterboys.

I wish Patrick Barnes had stayed in the business and made more music, I relate to his work a lot.

Thanks for this.