Monday, September 14, 2015

PROPAGANDA - A Secret Wish LP 85

Nice concept and interesting release.


WDM said...

one of my favourite 80s band, 'Dr.Mabuse' is a fine thing. You must listen to the 12'' Version, I have also the Machinery 12'' which is great as well. Fat Post!!

WDM said...

and b.t.w. it's a german band!!

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

WDM old comrade, wait until you see my posts tomorrow (I was delayed by this girl wanting all these reposts today!) as I just met Colin from Jersey City, he connects with you on this 12 dance EP sensations you describe (I picked this band by myself--they ARE good, I will keep the record then.) like old 79 simple minds before sell out in '84, Divine (I picked this) but he also said Xymox (only good one I posted and resold to him at my new sponser record store called Vatican Records in Sarasota, FL--they are on line too!) monsoon from last week, oh much more you will see....yes rip that shit homie and send me a could even add on to my numbering song sequence you have from this post....oh yeah unbelievable Lene Lovich RCA greatest hits sound will hear this tomorrow, I found for only a dollar. Plus Colin (he likes WFMU as best local radio...I've always like KFAI)

WDM said...

You stand strong under current mate, it's a curse this new digital world.
At that time we sat at home and listen to the records and had fun! Keep your brilliant work with 80's pop, a few things I might post on wdthtc, let's see.