Monday, June 29, 2015

Eric Burdon Declares WAR LP w Eric Is Here LP w WAR - All Day Music LP 71 w The World Is A Ghetto LP 72 w Deliver The Word LP 73 w 1st Annual Congressional Black Caucus LP 74 w Why Can't We Be Friends LP 75 w Eric Burdon and WAR - Love Is All Around LP 70 76 w Galaxy LP 77 w The Music Band 2 LP 79 w Outlaw LP 82 w The Best Of The Music Band LP 82 w Lee Oskar - st LP 76 and Before The Rain LP 78


Quite a few of these had lots of pops to cut out but sounds O.K. to me, as always go out and buy the stuff you like.  I want to thank my little brother for giving me a few of these that he learned bass guitar to (yeah that's right the title holds here:  Me and Baby Missing a few but I did get to see them play with Isaac Hayes back in 2003 and they were always a favorite, so three fingers & a smile! Oh yeah, I got that st LP 71 on CD (not shown here)...forgot about that.
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Anonymous said...

do you have anything from the respond records label, like the questions - belief?

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Via and folks.
Im surprised this blog still is going. Guess your still loving it,nice.
You really should stick to the guns I put in place. Obscure & Punk/Skin things. But thats only my opinion & I understand that opinions are like assholes....everyone has one.
Much love to you & all,I hope everyone is healthy & doing well.
Much has changed in my life. I moved to PA then back to Fla. Im now going through divorce due to being under appreciated by my wife (a long story).
Im hoping my life turns around in a positive way (wish me luck).
Im jobless & homeless but thankfully have a place to stay with my son in Gainesville.
Just wanted to touch base & say hi.

Super love to all,
Mark Underground (aka Nish)

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Wow Mark good to hear from you and hope you can get on your feet quick. I follow your old style about not being selfish and sharing what you have I wish it was all punk and the excellent OI/skin stuff you turned me onto originally but due to its popularity nowadays with the kids that premo stuff is way too expensive for me to buy and the blog would have ended long ago. I have 15,long boxes left of college radio stuff that is new wave punk and goth so I figured there were enough good comments to finish it.up as I'm really not buying anymore and got all that unheard stuff with my old unemployment checks. Hard to believe I've been ripping 10 to 20 vinyl per week since 2009. I made to my two year anniversary last month at my engineering job in south Tampa Bay area from when I was in MN but Obamacare has me on a tight budget so no buying vinyl now just sell it off the stuff I don't keep. If you ever get in town on west coast shoot me an email and I'll treat you to dinner but I think you still owe me a beer ha ha. Love Ya Nish and will pray for you

Donut Duck (Your Punk Rawk Fonzie) said...

Good hello folks, and Mark!

Maybe you can help me out: I am looking for LOWER CHAKRAS' self-titled 12" ( - maybe you have one to post here?

Keep it up and more power to you, Mark!


WDM said...

Cheer up Mark, shit goes by, I know this well too!
Enjoy Life!