Monday, March 16, 2015

Groundhogs - Scratching The Surface 1968 w bonus from "Gasoline" LP 69 w Thank Christ for the Bomb LP w Split LP w Who Will Save The World? The Mighty Groundhogs LP 72 w Crosscut Saw LP 76


Who Will Save w Crosscut Saw Link 1 of 3:
Thank Christ for the Bomb w Split Link 2 of 3:
Scratching The Surface w Blues Obituary LP 69 and parts of Gasoline LP 69 Link 3 of 3:


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Thanks to Jon! First, thanks for all the great shares! You’ve supplied me with quite a few albums from my past that have never been issued on CDs.

This morning you got me the Groundhogs’ “Crosscut Saw” which I’ve been looking for for quite some time. I saw that you were looking for others, so here’s what I have. Enjoy.

Groundhogs - Thank Christ for the Bomb

Groundhogs - Split

Groundhogs - Blues Obituary

Groundhogs - Who Will Save the World

Annette Murphy said...

can we please have a re-up for "Crosscut Saw"? The link has expired. Thanks!!