Friday, August 29, 2014

Doctor Hook And The Medicine Show - Doctor Hook LP 72 w Belly Up! LP 73 w Bankrupt LP 75 w A Little Bit More LP 76 w Revisited LP 76 w Makin' Love And Music LP 77 w Pleasure And Pain LP 78 w Sometimes You Win... LP 78 w Rising LP 80 w Players In The Dark LP 82

REPOST and ADD-ON:  Since I had just posted the Ray Sawyer solo LP and wanted to hear their other singers again and also I couldn't wait to hear the Bankrupt LP I just found--one of the best!  I used to also have their LP where the Rolling Stone hit song originally appeared--I had bought it for 25 cents but it wasn't in the best condition so I sold it back in the nineties, dang!  It was the first I had heard them and it had a great cover picture with all the guys downtown drinkin'.  Oh well, fairly complete Dr. Hook .
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