Monday, July 14, 2014

Dogs, The - 1976 - John Rock 7'' (US) w Slash Your Face 7 78 w Go Where You Want To Go 12'' (FRA) w (les) [1979] Different w 1977 - Rot`n'Roll-Teen Slime 7 w Teen Slime 73 -77 w Walking Shadows 80 w Fed Up! 2000

If you will allow, I didn't have time to sort out the USA from the French Dogs here:
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Anonymous said...

Confusion between the US Dogs and the French Dogs. Go where, Differents and walking shadows = French Dogs.
Split the us dogs (great us band) and french les dogs (great band too from Rouen in France). They deserve each their own post.

Doug said...

I picked up the first Dogs(France) album at Rough Trade circa 1977.Great band!

Eric Johnsen said...

Man, brilliant post. So grateful to hear the Iowa Dogs! Love their Stooge-worshipping sound.