Monday, November 11, 2013

THE MOTORS - st LP 77 w Approved By... LP 78 w Tenement Steps LP 80 w Benny Mardones Sampler 80 w Nick Garvey- Blue Skies LP 82 w BRAM TCHAIKOVSKY - 7 78 w EP 78 w Strange Man, Changed Man LP 79 w Pressure/The Russians Are Coming LP 80 w Funland LP 81

Part 1 BRAM:
Part 2 BRAM:
Part 3 MTRS:
Part 4 MTRS:
Part 5 MTRS:
Part 6 NICK:


Chilton said...

Great share. I got "Approved by the Motors" in 1978 and it's a minor power pop/pub rock classic. "Soul redeemer" should have been a massive hit but it wasn't even released as a single. I see you have the 2nd edition cover for "Approved by..." The first one had a picture of the band on the front. I read in the UK music press back then that the cover was changed when the LP didn't sell even though Airport was a top ten hit. The record company did some market research and discovered that people thought the band looked like a bunch of convicts. By the time the new cover was launched it was too late.
Bram Tchaikovsky's solo stuff deserved a better fate too. There are a lot of people out there who'd list "Strange man changed man" as a favorite record but I don't think anybody would rate it as a true classic. It's just a great pop rock record. Girl Of My Dreams made the US Top 40. I've always thought Sarah Smiles would be a great song for Susanna Hoffs to cover. BTW, a cd reissue of Strange Man is available on UK 70s band Heavy Metal Kids site. Their drummer Keith Boyce joined Bram for his first solo records. The reissue has no sleeve notes (a shame) but it comes with 10 bonus tracks including the 1978 12". One last thing, Nick Garvey went on to produce US rock band The A:s. Their 2nd LP "A woman's got the power" is full of great hooky pop/rock. I always included the A:s "Electricity" on my compilation tapes.

thomoz said...

These Bram records contain some of my favorite music ever produced. I like the Motors almost as much.

I'll bet I've played FUNLAND at least once a week for 30 years (I bought it as a drug store cutout), although I discovered a few years ago I preferred the other two lps!

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Do you have that Benny Mardones album that those songs are taken from??? I would REALLY like to hear more from him!