Monday, June 17, 2013

Helen Schneider - So Close LP 77 w Let It Be Now LP 78 and later as SCHNEIDER WITH THE KICK - Exposed LP 82 w Smuggled Out A-Live EP 83

Damn, I'm glad she later went bad girl with the Kick as the early solo stuff really started to annoy me...sorry about that folks, I'm hearing most of this stuff for the first time as I rip it like you--that's the joy in it for me--but yeah some of these 'theme rips' are really veeeering off a bit far from the blog's "core constituency" as they say, and just so I can hear some Gary Numan/Tubeway Army type electronica..zheesh!! solo yeechy stuff! Numan electrikk music/Rough Trade wanna-be new wave singer stuff (with the Kick)!

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Anonymous said...

Big THX For that RARE Things from this great Singer !!! You have a good Taste of Music :) Greetings from Germany ;o)