Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rig Rock Compilations

Okay I've been gone for awhile, vacation, work and life have been keeping me pretty busy, so here we go.
While I was on vacation my wife and I made a trip down south to a museum that I'd wanted to go to for a long time, but due to their weird hours I never was able to make it until now. The museum in question is the Pacific NW Truck Museum in Brooks, Oregon.

Lots and lots of old rigs from Diamond T, Freightliners, Kenworths and about every other kind of tractor you can think of. This is my version of heaven. If you are ever in Brooks, which is basically a Pilot Truck Stop, Gas Station a restaurant, a May Trucking Depot and this Museum (which is part of another , it's worth checking out if you like trucks. I spent a few dollars on books in the gift shop to.

Now about these comps. All three of these compilations where released by Diesel Only Records of Brooklyn, NY and all three of them are outstanding.

I should also point out that all three of these compilations spent a lot of time in my CD player or tape deck (I owned the first two on cassette until I wore them out from playing them so much on road trips).

Rig Rock Juke Box is 16 songs in all. The best are "Baltimore" by Five Chinese Brothers and the Blue Chieftains, "Punk Rockin Honky Tonk Girl," but in all honesty the whole album rocks. Other bands are The World Famous Blue Jays, Mumbo Gumbo, Angel Dean & the Zephyrs, Go to Blazes, Courtney & Western, The Twangers, Gwil Owen, and Mark Brine (Another Great song).

Rig Rock Truck Stop  is a 20 song compilation a lot of the same bands from the first compilation. Mojo Nixon and the World Famous Blue Jays do two songs "UFOs, Big Rigs and BBQ" is a great song, Five Chinese Brothers deliver again with "She's a waitress and I'm in Love." Other artist on this are Killbilly, Amy Allison & The Maudlins, Surreal McCoys, Wheelers and Dealers, Will Rigby, Jean Caffeine's All-Nite Truck Stop and Joe Flood, along with a lot of the bands on the first cd.

Lastly we have Rig Rock Deluxe.I'm not going to give too much away about this compilation, but to say it's great is an understatement. I only have a problem with one song, I actually love the song, "Miss Marie and the Bedford Blaze," by Marty Stuart. I know this is stupid and petty of me but there is no Bedford, Oregon there is a Medford, Oregon and I'm sorry being a map geek this kind of pisses me off a bit, but it's still a great song.

If it wasn't for my piss-poor depth perception I'd probably have given truck driving a try, I love the road. To me being on the road is absolute heaven. My dad who spend a lot of his adult life behind the wheel as a traveling salesman. He was gone on the road all but about one week a month, he was thrilled when he heard that my vision issues would keep me from driving truck. He knows how tough life on the road could be and he wasn't even driving a truck. I have a lot of respect for my dad and what he did for a living just like I respect a lot of truckers.


Brian Guy


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