Thursday, June 7, 2012

Texas Thieves - Forced Vacation CD

This is a result of a special request made by QQCS.

The Texas Thieves were a San Francisco based band in the early oughts.

I remember when I first heard this band I really enjoyed them a lot. This CD spent a lot of time in my CD player when I first bought it. "The Foz" who is the singer for this band reminds me a lot of Casey Royer of D.I. one of my favourite all time Southern California bands.

Ironically the subject matter is also very similar to D.I. and the delivery is a lot reminisce of D.I.

Released in 2002 and I believe that it was a self release by the band, if I'm wrong about this please let me know.


Brian Guy


nekrodad said...

Ok my man, i am kinda new to this band. But my buddy puts out there records. I can ask him and find out more info for ya. For some reason i thought they were from texas lol.

Brian Guy said...

I have always found it pretty funny that you have bands that use Texas in the name and are from Finland any place but Texas, but then there's Reno Divorce who aren't from Reno.

Band names eh?

As for Texas Thieves, the "Killer on Craigslist" was also a great release.


Brian Guy

Ps u ever have any luck with downloading the Cowslingers cd?