Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Reckless Deerhunters/Dancing Lepers - split ep

Special thanks to Bob Suren for giving me permission to post this split ep. Thanks again Bob.

This was a freebee record that Bob was giving away back in 2003 or so if you bought $X amount (Can't remember the exact amount) either via Mail Order or from his store Sound Idea in Brandon, FL. This was also part of the Burn Brandon Collective.

For a freebee this is a great little split featuring two Brandon, FL area bands.

First the Reckless Deerhunters, hardcore punk, with a little bit of an edge. "Suicide Exemption," One Consumer's Responsibility to the World," and "Things to do When You're Home Alone."

Dancing Lepers are a little bit more straight up punk. Their side is two songs,"Buy Your Freedom," and Starve Yourself."

This was released on the Burn Brandon Collective label in 2003.

Bob no longer does Sound Idea, but does sell T-shirts check him out at


Brian Guy


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New link if anyone wants this still.


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