Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kruger Randy & the Bleached Boys - Everything's Groovy in the Sun 7"

Surf rock from Durbain, South Africa. This is pretty interesting and a step back in time. The lyrics are not anything even close to being politically correct, but never uses overly offensive language. At time's I'm kind of a taken back at some of the lyrics, which I hope where meant as a joke of some kind.

On to the actual platter itself, there is a Dick Dale feel to this seven inch but if it is surf rock it pretty much has to in my opinion. "Back in the R.S.A." is a pretty rocking tune the singer on this song, I am not sure which one because it looks like three of them share the vocals sounds like Velvy the lead singer of The Diesel Queens, the likeness is uncanny. "Everything's Groovy in Sun City" is a Beach Boys Parody.

This was released in 1988 on Mykel Board's Seidboard World Enterprises label.

Download if you dare and if you do download it no bitching about it, you've been warned about the content.


Brian Guy


Bernando said...

Second song was actually really good. Wierd to hear lyrics like that to surfsounds though.

mrpoopy said...

Pretty sure they were being sarcastic, dude. I hope they're happy now that they got what they wished for.