Tuesday, June 2, 2020

THE MARKETTS - The Batman Theme LP

There were a lot of these Batman theme song albums--this one from a very cool instrumental type band that did the theme for a Greenway 20th Century Fox production.  Time to throw up the bat spotlight and take the cops to court.  BTW I was first pre-teen in our early 70's busy-with-kids neighborhood that had a Batman shirt as favorite (black symbol on gray) for many years.
LINK RESTORED 6-5-2020 (New Rip with no cuts at lower volume level to hide surface noise)


Anonymous said...

A lot of nuggets and rarities, I'm grateful for that and say "Thank You" but... Seriously i've never seen such awful tags on mp3's since 1999. It takes hours and hours to retag and rename your files properly. You should have a very very strange logic. No offence anyway, it's cool to share, really, and thank you again

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

No offense at all as someone told me about that labeling software early on from Australia and even offered to give it to me but I said no. I don't think most understand my goal doing this blog. 1. Keep good vinyl out of landfills by letting others hear it first. 2. Convert my 10 boxes of vinyl for my car. 3. Use free blog to organize what I have for reference while shopping for vunyl I can search it in the store. Well after 6000 trips I still have 10 boxes with some different stuff has been added but now 6 boxes added to that procured from a Good Wiill bucket store on lunch breaks last year! Titles take way too much time as do scans so that time can be spent cutting out each noise software won't sense. Clear as mud? Thanks for asking.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Also those labeling programs are all the same with song titles starting with generic numbers in yellow labeled folders what happens if they get out of the folders I am always moving large amounts of files to my permanent storage and might not select all the files and this has happened to me stray songs you don't know album or artist think of all the time you spend opening and closing folders looking for songs this way automatically all songs get alphabetized and instantly listed by artist and then song but next as album would be quicker but then my car mp3 player truncated too long of titles so I wouldn't know song as I listen anyway I would rather you mp3 sellers w o credit given had to work a little for your money lol

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...


Rev.LouCifer said...

I like Mud. I like Batman, the one were talking about here. I really like Batgirl. I really like Catwoman, Eartha Kitt meeeoww, Julie numeooowww, and I especially like, wait I like the riddler too he's so frank, King tut, not so much, but like his girls. Alfred Rawks, and the Chief and his right hand copper, never two more realistic played men in blue ever portrayed. Back to what I also really like, that is when peeole basically kneecap the poster because a scan was only 720 not hd 3637383 x pi symbol berate them and then end with pleasentries and nicieties, To them I say, Have A Blessed Day.
And me being me, that means if you see a truck coming but think you have just enough room to make it, go for it, you will be just fine.

and onloy six buckets of vinyl in a year, geesh, you need to pick it up, I pm'd you my list of all the coolest newest most not even available yet wish list that I expect you to post, with proper tags, by tomorrow. Ok, Ok, now, lets share a toast of some fine bug squished mud, from a broken ceramic stein, properly tagged of course. Oh, and I almost forgot..

KUDOS Db from thee most high, TheeRev.LouCifer

Very well curated site I must say, if not for thoes dang tags. They always seem to jam up my reel to reel when I run them through so if you could really do soemthing about that, Im sure we would all rest in peace much easier. And dont forget my want list, I already posted for sale on carlslist so, dont make me look bad, ok,'
And, Have A Truly Blessed Day, properly tagged of course.
And dont insert any typos to make me liik bud, I know thut trikk

Rev.LouCifer said...

Ooohhh, and,,,uummm, could you maybe repost the batman,
No, not becasue of teh tags, bc its gone daddy gone.
Was it the tags that made it go,
GrRrrr, if so, I hate the tags too, down with tags down with tags..
But, pretty please, up with Batman?
D'OH! Focus man, focus.
oh,and of course.
Have a bleSSed day

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Thanks Rev LouCifer,
I like your profile--you are definitely my type. The trolls were getting fierce. Hell they got the Creator of this blog to quit and divorce his wife for God's sake! They don't read background on what they spew. Horrid, but you brought me back today so a big thanks and BATMAN on the WAY TOMorrow! The blog will continue for the Freedom fighters!

Chi-Town said...

Thank you!!