Tuesday, June 30, 2020

NENA - EP 83 w 99 LUFTBALLONS LP 83 w It's All In The Game LP 85

Well you would have to call me a complete 'poseur' if I did not have this classic artist on the blog that made so many memories for us all--especially since one of my favorite punk bands ever, 7 SECONDS did a cover of her hit song as I was buying up all their vinyl in high school. HAVE A GRANDE OLE' 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND!!!!


Hermann said...

... heard her at a Anti-Missile demo (ca 1981), she got some buuhs because she was considered a representative of the System, but the antimilitaristic lyrics of this song made her acceptable again.

IHateThe90s said...

I have several of her albums in German and these ones you posted as well. I really like the German version of "It's All In The Game" which is "Feuer Und Flamme." Still a fan. In fact I was listening to "Fragezeichen" just yesterday!

Arun said...

I have listened to her albums in my childhood. Recently I listened to her German version of an album. I was quite impressed by her style. My friend gave me some of her old collections.

Anonymous said...


Is there any chence you could re-upload TROJNE - both 7 eps?


Mohammad Shahin said...

Is there any chence you could re-upload