Monday, February 17, 2020

Kristy and Jimmy McNichol - st 78 LP

This is a test for GoFiles instead of Zippyshare as too many downed links (although cheapest at like $3.97/month there is no way I would pay them with that kind of performance!).  However, I am doubtful as I uploaded all the reposts today at one time to my free account (they take donations) and they saved them as one file which is O.K. but went back and they are gone!!!  I don't think the site is done yet.  This is a special repost request for Jungle Jim (our old SST finder friend from last year) for his friend.  He also sent this link for Hudson Brothers Best (I posted an album long ago).
K and J:


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Blogger angstytimelord said...
I seriously LOVED this album when I was a kid. Played it over and over! They did a great cover of "He's So Fine," and I really loved Jimmy's song "Girl, You Really Got Me Going" -- that one is a nice little toe-tapper! Actually, neither one of them are bad singers. This album holds up surprisingly well considering that it's over 40 years old and pretty much cheesy fun pop music! I still love it!

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Blogger Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
I was thinking of you with this post! No surprise that you had this as well! Thanks for the comment.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Quite a find! Thanks for sharing it! - Stinky

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Hey Angsty,
I wanted to advise you as your comment was under STARZ post but I cut and pasted it in the reposts so you wouldn't know but good old nuttynikki out in Europe got a whole mess of STARZ live and boot stuff links to the comments--I haven't listened to yet but just letting you get a prompt on your google account first thing for all your help in the past. Go Get 'Em Sister!!!!

July 16, 2019 at 1:37 PM

rev.b said...

Take it back, tried it a third time and it's working okay. Go figure.