Wednesday, October 9, 2019

BPEOPLE - Petrified Conditions 1979-81 LP 86 w st EP 81

I have included various write ups in the file from blogs over the years, here is one: B-People were Alex Gibson's punkwave band when he was mostly famous (and greatly envied) for being Penelope Houston's boyfriend, along with Pat Delaney (Deadbeats, Geza X, Romans) and Tom Recchion from a zillion LAFMS projects [the Los Angeles Free Music Society*]. A peripatetic figure on the Los Angeles post-punk scene, Alex Gibson first appeared around 1978 as the lead guitarist and songwriter of an unrecorded at the time local band called the Little Cripples. When that band's singer, Michael Gira, split for New York to form Circus Mort and, eventually, Swans, the remaining bandmembers regrouped, with Gibson now on lead vocals, and formed B People. (A few of those early Little Cripples songs showed up, reworked, on B People's posthumous career summation, 1986's Petrified Conditions 1979-1981.) B People only managed one EP, a self-titled release on Miles Copeland's Faulty Products label, before splitting up in 1981.  Mutant Sounds Blog (defunct).
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