Thursday, September 19, 2019

the new haven women's liberation rock band, the chicago women's liberation band and a cast of millions - MOUNTAIN MOVING DAY LP 72

Chose to highlight this rarity that I had heard rumored about back at MN's dual bimonthly record shows I would regularly attend.  Boy does it sound good and have intelligent lyrics for today's women.  I should mention there are some swears as it was groundbreaking work.  If you need a new cause to fight for how about we go after the USA pedo-fostercare network and court system that the news media and judges hide by design, like the recent little 5 year old girl in AZ raped twice in foster care.and crippled and reliant on medical machines for her entire life now after the new'dad' showed up drunk to get his free check  (mother pleaded each time but the judge had pulled her from her mom and ordered her not to disclose--article is already pulled).
A nice GAIA MOTHER EARTH rally tonight downtown it was one of many of my email petition groups from facebook celibrating recent wins such as the Arctic National Wildlife preserve and a handful of key Trump overturns by working together all over the U.S.A. on this day lots of happy kids and parents too!  You know the old game in USA, democrats like Obama reverse 20-30 environmentally damaging laws when he got in but now Trump is chopping away at the Endangered Species Act.  This is karmic fall-in for lack of creativity but in Trump's case like in Mexico who finally banned GMO's in a second and FINAL court case from his getting them to band together around the wall, Trump is a tool we can use albeit unwittingly to bring USA folk together against him!  Works great these Orion Tall Grey pawns!

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