Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Pork Dukes - Telephone Masturbator 7 w All The FIlth CD

REPOST Request:  Nothin' but the best for y'all!


Lewdd said...

This band was super popular in my hometown. So much so, that one guy brought them over to the States several times to play shows on the East Coast including some in a buddy's garage. Unfortunately for me, I was not living in the area during that time period. The Pink Pork LP seemed to have been on a cassette that every kid in town had back in the 80s.

Anonymous said...

If you're in the area now, last chance to see them in the States, Lewwd. End of September.

mothloop said...

Guilty pleasure for sure, thanks for keepin it classy ;)

Lewdd said...

I am in the area now, where are they playing and when?

Anonymous said...

Sept 27 - Jacksonian Club, Nazareth PA 7pm
Sept 28 - Jacksonian Club, Nazareth PA 7pm
Sept 29 - Bowery Electric, NYC

I think specifics up

Only shows they are doing, then band's done forever.