Monday, November 5, 2018

HAWKWIND - Best Of 90 w In Search Of Space LP w Psychedelic Warlords CD w Xenon Codex LP w Doremi Fasol Latido CD 72 w Amazing Music CD 76

Well this compilation of tracks is from many different sources and only one vinyl rip of mine (In Search Of Space) that was in such rough shape that I fortunately had the songs from other analog tapes and a CD I no longer own but on tape.  The 72 and 76 albums are from other blog rips and I substituted some tracks to avoid multiple copies from the Cd I mentioned.  Great band that is still going who simple just 'get's it!".  I bought Xenon when it came out...kind of summarizes where I was at with music at the time during the time of the Mellow Fellow's stone groove Friday radio parties.
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