Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Divine Horsemen - Snake Handler LP Handful of Sand EP w Devil's River LP 86 w Middle Of The Night LP 86

REPOST Request:  Chris D. from Flesh Eaters with female accompaniment.
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Blogger helfer34 said...
Thanks. FYI: Snake Handler, Handful of Sand, and to a lesser extent Middle Of The Night have extremely low volume levels. Devil's River was fine

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Blogger Daniel said...
Just got to see Chris D. do spoken word and some readings from a couple of his books here in Austin. As he sat down and started to read from one of his books a rat climbed up the wall behind him, it was very fitting!!! Thanks for these records, I had never listened to Divine Horsemen before(I am a fan of The Flesh Eaters). Bought a couple of his books and am on a Chris D. kick!!!

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Blogger Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
Thanks for the comment look for his Stone By Stone in search it's at DUKE blog!

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Blogger Nora Hollywood said...
Thank you for this. I came for a digital copy of 'Middle of the Night' so I don't have to find my lp. That and 'Devil's River' were my favorites, and I thought they were wonderful live at that time, with Julie's voice and Peter Andrus' clean guitar lines. Very underrated band: I remember seeing them at the Ibeam and elsewhere. They deserved much bigger crowds. Far better than the Flesheaters, I thought.

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Blogger Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
I do believe she is a top vocalist...thanks for your comment. I still like the early Flesheaters like the first 7..takes your face through some pretty cool contortions. Right up there with Meat Puppets 1. Yes! The 'clean' guitar sound as you say...forgot about that.

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Blogger Weinwisser said...
Hi, Any chance for a re-up? Would be great! Thanks!

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Thanks again for all these new re-ups.All the best