Monday, July 30, 2018

SAMMY HAGAR - Nine On A Ten Scale LP 76 w st LP 77 w Musical Chairs LP 77 w Live All Night Long LP 78 w Street Machine LP 79 w Danger Zone LP 80 w Standing Hampton LP 81 w Three Lock Box LP 82 w VOA LP 84

Well thanks to whomever clued me to check out Sammy for his 70's Hard Rock days.  I took it up to VOA so that we Minutemen fans have a reference for why they called the 2LP "Double Nickels on the Dime' when Sammy came out with 'I Can't Drive 55'...well most fuel efficient speed is now 65!  Please note there are some rip quality issues on these files that has since been fixed.
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Davideomusic73 said...

Thank you for these new vinyls, specially The Fixx. Have a nice week, my friend :)