Friday, June 15, 2018

VA - DSS Records: We Rule The World LP 00

REPOST Request:  International Oi! compilation (I guess they could call my old favorite band N.O.T.A. Oi! but that is new to me) featuring : Stomper 98, NOTA, Impact, The Cleats, Subway Thugs, Kim & The Echoes, Nice & Easy, Chapter 21, The Templars The Franks, Skarface, The Service, Soul Boys, Judge Dread, Blanc Estoc, The Butchers, Street Troopers, The Explorers, The Mad Caps, B.A.P., Trinkerkohorte, and Patriot.  Thanks be to JayIRC!

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Bernando said...
Was looking atsome old posts and an old question popped back into my head. Where are Kim & The Echoes from? I have the record and it says nothing about their land of origin in the inserts. Are they Canadian like most other bands on the comp? Someone?

MAY 3, 2011 AT 8:17 AM
Anonymous said...
Oi! Can you please re up load this comp? Thanks!!!

JUNE 12, 2018 AT 1:43 AM