Monday, June 4, 2018

THIN LIZZY - Life (Live) 2LP 83

Ahhhh, me first excursion into this band after being such a Gary Moore fan and seeing him and old neighborhood buddy Phil hanging out in their hometown of Dublin in the laserdisc "Emerald Isles" that I had converted and posted here as MP4. 
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simonthecat said...

My all time favorite band - always glad to see them get some love! And Gary Moore was phenomenal in just about everything he tried!

simonthecat said...

Started thinking (big mistake) - would you have a line on a compilation Remembering - I had a double vinyl album version I think on German Decca. Supposedly Lynott was getting Gorham and Robertson in to rerecord/punch up some of their earlier material, but no one was supposed to know about it. Any chance of scaring this up? Always enjoy checking out what you've decided to share.