Friday, June 15, 2018

THE CHEEPSKATES - DEMO TAPE w run better run LP 84 w Second and Last LP 86 w Remember LP 87 w It Wings Above LP 88 w Confessional LP 90

REPOST Request:  These guys are right up there with the Three O'Clock, The Prime Movers, The Outnumbered, Naz Nomad and the Nightmares, The Vipers, The Banana Men, Rain Parade, The Flies, The Nomads, Shoutless, The Tell-Tale Hearts, Plan 9 and The Dukes of Stratosphere in my book--defining the Paisley Underground of the 80's.  
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Link 3 of 3:
SPECIAL NOTE:  These three files are the same as last time posted however, I found a better 'Run Better Run LP 84" rip so you do need to download and replace songs 5-18 (all the label field are filled in on the new files--I never have time for this with my method).  REASON:  It is rare but it has happened a couple times and would last maximum of 5 records in a row before I would notice it but the DJ speed lever I have in the past occasionally bumped to fast so my old rip was too fast.  I usually catch it before next record and would redo it but my software can handle 4-5 records recording in a session and so that would be maximum length affected.  Has happened maybe 4 times over 5000 rips but you really have to bump it up almost halfway to notice speed's used for DJ mixing.


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hope that this could glad you. so i can give you a little part
Cheepskaates Waiting for Unta (Flac)'88%29.rar

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Thanks a million for the demo tape!

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Thanx a lot!

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Sorry, late to this post. Any chance of a re-up? Awesome blog!

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*cough* No offense, but you forgot the Three O'Clock, whose lead vocalist/bassist Michael Quercio actually coined the term "paisley underground."

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Can you re-up the Cheepskate? Thanks in advance!
Marco - Italia

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Been looking for this for forever.