Tuesday, June 12, 2018

TEA - The Ship LP 75

I know nothing of this band but it has cool packaging and the singer reminds me of the Sensational Alex Harvey band singer but I bet a lot of singers nabbed that style.  Great distortion effects also.


S.D. Joe said...

Tea were a prog band with hard-rock leanings hailing from Switzerland, and "The Ship" was the followup to '74's eponymous debut album. As is the case with most records from the mid-70s, a good listen (though in this case you shouldn't get your hopes up too high). I believe two lps was all she wrote.

As for that Alex Harveyish singer, it's Marc Storace, who would later hit paydirt with the (frankly underwhelming) metal band Krokus. Storace was usually referred to as "The Voice", which was maybe taking things a bit far.

Anonymous said...

TEA were a Swiss band who released 3 full length LPs in the between 1974 & 1976, their other 2 albums being 'Tea' & 'Tax Exile'.
They're probably best remembered today for being the first recording band of future KROKUS singer Marc Storace, who, unlike his bandmates was from Malta.
You're absolutely right with your Alex Harvey comparison though Storace is most often compared to AC/DC's late vocalist Bon Scott.
There's a fantastic TEA song called 'Cool In The Morning' on their debut LP that is well worth hearing, it's epic, melancholy and hugely memorable.

B said...

The singer would be Marc Storace who would later front the hard rock band Krokus.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Thanks all for the insightful comments. I think a few of you answered each other's questions, just sayin'.. Gonna have to track at least that first album tune so thanks for the tip Kenner!

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

S.D. Joe,

Have a look at the blog today. I redid the Starfighters for ya buddy!
Thanks for all the great feedback and pushing me to greatness.


Anonymous said...

You can hear the Tea song i was raving about right here:
TEA - Cool In The Morning
Still sounds great in a Uriah Heep meets UFO kinda style.