Monday, May 14, 2018

VA - Twin Town Music Yearbook CD 97 98

As you may have noticed this year I have started converting my CD's here and there as they are getting near the 'compact disc rot' stage as I have to rip some a few times to get the corrupted songs as they slowly become unlistenable.  This is a great series and I have three of them that I would get at the Radio K office when I would win stuff by calling up the station visiting my fave secretary Lois!  Features:  Ousia, Strawdogs, Beyond, Frances Gumm, Trailer Trash, The Odd, Krudler, Calvin Krime, Phull Surkle, Innocent, The Siren Six! (will post their awesome CD soon!), Freedom Fighters, Glenrustles, Rank Strangers, Ten Ton Bridge, John Casey, Plain Jane, Jinkies, John Devine And The Cosmonauts Group, The Sensational Joint Chiefs and Tulip Sweet And Her Trail Of Tears.

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