Tuesday, May 22, 2018

VA - Stuck On AM 7 - Stuck On Tape

Not sure the year on this but it is volume 7 and I just posted volume VI last week so you can do the math.  This is the only tape I won at the station where their other comp's are usually on CD and so an advantage here as some awesome good long jam tunes are included here--which I favor.  Bands include:  Leisure Birds, Buffalo Moon, Dark Dark Dark, Zoo Animal, Doomtree, The Cloak Ox, Gospel Gossip, The Blind Shake, Grant Cutler And The Gorgeous Lorde, Roma Di Luna, Dante And The Lobster, Wizards Are Real, Private Dancer, Pink Mink, Eyedea & Abilities, Retribution Gospel Choir and STNNNG (who I filmed years ago for my defunct Youtube Channel during Art-A-Whirl festival in NE Mpls. as they played tunes floating down the Mississippi River on a tiny boat!)

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