Thursday, May 31, 2018

PRODIGY - st LP 86

REPOST w NEW BETTER RIP:  Thanks to Dea Noa for calling me out on the first rip...sometimes I am a neatness freak and end up cutting out even small nicks and pops.  So I re-did the rip last night with pop noise lever higher to capture more and only cutting out just a few of the largest pops.  I also happen to have a new Stanton stylus tip that I just learned works on my Ortofon S-120 cartridge(hope I don't have the terms backwards) to really 'cut' into the groove past the nicks.  Sounds good to me.  This St. Pete band sounds a bit like T.S.O.L. 'Beneath The Shadows" album a little.  I think I could retire just singing the songs "Dreams Are Free" and 'Go With The Flow' with other similar tunes by T.S.O.L., Shock Therapy (the singer sounds a bit like them) and others and be happy.  Hell, they sound just like the oughts/tens band THE BUSY SIGNALS who I have posted from our old scene.

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Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

francisco júnior said...
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MAY 25, 2018 AT 7:06 PM
Dea Noa said...
Some of the tracks are having problems with the sound unfortunately..

MAY 28, 2018 AT 4:31 AM
Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
Dea Noa
Thanks for the feedback...I noticed it too. I want to try a rerip as sometimes my data cjts are wider than they had to be or the pop sound wasn't as wide or loud as I thoughf and so always room to improve maybe turn up moise knob to catch more pops but mangled sounding rips are usually are from deep or wide groove scratcbes vs. Surface sctatches that don't cause any moises. I will be After It this week.

MAY 28, 2018 AT 8:39 PM