Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Kead Dennedys - Too Drunk To XXXX 7 94

REPOST Request:  Thanks to Brian Guy, here is his intro:  No this is not some rare issue that has the name spelled wrong on the cover, this is a Japanese band that Does covers of DK Songs. Since I am big into covers, I just had to pick this up to see what it sounded like, and this does not disappoint.
Ishikawa on vocals does a pretty good Jello Biafra impersonation and delivers on all three songs.
This was released in 1994 on K.O.G.A. Records .Enjoy,Brian Guy


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

WildDevilMan said...
Not long been here, but this record is sensational, cool stuff.

Thanks for this!!

JULY 18, 2012 AT 3:31 PM
Brian Guy said...
Thanks WildDevilMan, glad that you enjoyed it. Nothing like a DK cover band.


Brian Guy

JULY 19, 2012 AT 11:45 AM
Tatsuya Nakadai said...
Any chance of a reup on this? I recently became obsessed with all things Japanese. Thanks!

MAY 21, 2016 AT 7:44 PM

MAY 25, 2016 AT 8:09 AM
rev.b said...
Damn, DKs then VdGG. Quite the on-two punch!

MAY 25, 2016 AT 5:57 PM
rev.b said...
I maen KDs! Sound like a blast!

MAY 25, 2016 AT 6:00 PM
jonder said...
Can you please repost this one? I would love to hear it if you still have it. I have heard the Dub Kennedys but never the Kead Dennedys!

APRIL 24, 2018 AT 4:40 PM

jonder said...

Thanks for reposting, and thanks to Brian for the original share.

hXc8084 said...

thx - i love covers too esp. the sabbath ones and am about to check out the cvlt nation v.a. revision of all of my war - a track like nothing left inside has scope to destroy (again).
thx again - the site is superb imo.

Anonymous said...

Puts..... Isto foi impensado por mim! Curti muito. Grato!!!!!