Monday, May 14, 2018

DAN HILL - st LP 75 w Hold On LP 76 w Longer Fuse LP 77 w Frozen In The Night LP 78 w If Dreams Had Wings LP 80

O.K. first of all I apologize for posting this...way too mellow and not enough umphda!  However, it is kind of a 'joke post' as I just saw the HBO movie 'Superstar' with Molly Shannon from Saturday Night Live and she did a hilarious version of Dan Hill's 'Sometimes When We Touch" for a talent show so it reminded me that I collected this K-tel artist but had forgot what song he did...well anyway the first st LP from 75 had a college DJ sticker on it where one DJ wrote, 'all songs are good' so either he/she counldn't find a hit that stuck out or all the songs REALLY WERE THAT GOOD. You decide.
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Sergej said...

Amazing! Thank you very much.
I love everything with Larrie Londin and Jim Gordon.