Wednesday, May 9, 2018

CAPTAIN SENSIBLE - Crydon 7 78 w This Is Your Captain Speaking 7 81 w Women And Captains First LP 82 w The Power Of Love LP 83 w Revolution Now LP 89 w The Universe of Geoffrey Brown LP 98

REPOST Request:  I apologize for missing some covers here but I got most of these from the old Ikskp blog (that is the problem with not including cover shots with posted material as I keep those in another file and there are so many w/o titles it would take me years to sort out!).  As the Damned were one of the early punk bands it seems there was always someone in the scene who was an early adaptor of the Captain's dress code and our scene was no different.  He was a good friend who hung out at the late night food local place and last I saw Mr. Crissan he promised to lend me his extremely rare Replacements bootleg called "Flowers in the Dark'.  I actually got most of the songs off Grokster for a neighbor when it was active but I want a fresh vinyl rip like he promised!  We shall see...
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Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Anonymous said...
I didn't move quickly enough to grab the Nu Kats EP. If you can re-up, I'll be grateful. Thanks!

OCTOBER 6, 2013 AT 12:10 AM
Mr Zebra said...
Thanks for the Good Captain's tunes. Part 1 isn't working though. If you had the time and inclination for a re-up I would be eternally grateful.

OCTOBER 19, 2013 AT 6:27 AM
Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
Mr. Zebra, it is has been re-upped for you my friend!

OCTOBER 24, 2013 AT 8:01 AM
Anonymous said...
Part 2 and 4 are dead. Please re-upp.

MAY 6, 2018 AT 1:26 PM