Wednesday, April 25, 2018

VA - Disco Express, Vol. 1 LP 75

Now, now don't judge!  These guys had their own definition of disco and to me sounds more like funk which I dig:  "What Is Disco...Disco is not only music---it's a lifestyle, a cult, a mood.  The disco scene has set everyone dancing again, dancing in the old-new way, with a partner, following planned steps.  Doing the hustle, doing the bus stop, doing the bump.  As for disco music, it's characterized by a steady rhythm, a driving beat reminiscent of the old Motown sound.  According to research by producer Carl Maults-By, all disco music fit into a metronomic range of 108 to 126 cycle per minute.  It has its base in R&B, but it's heightened by Latin and symphonic sounds as well.  Probably the key element in disco sound it rhythm.  The sound's tinselly--strings, horns and cymbals are a vital part of it.  Disco, however, is much more than congas, strings and metronomic ranges.  Van McCoy has described disco music as a 'flashback'.  The sound's a reflection of what was happening ten years ago in Detroit.  The costumes ten to be nostalgic; many of the songs are old songs, slightly altered.  It is a happy, lightweight sound.  What is disco?  Disco is the sound of the Sixties, changed and adorned, to provide the escapism of the Seventies."  Features:  Sunny Gale, Beckett Brown, Satyr, The Main Ingredient, The Choice Four, The Nite-Liters, Crown Heights Affair, Labelle and Blood Hollins featuring Jean Lang.

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