Monday, April 16, 2018

Up with People! LP 64 65 w In Hollywood LP 65 w st LP 77

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Amazing what the Universe brings you when you open yourself up to it's forces!  Got all three of these at one time at a random lunch break stop at God's Own Goodwill as I call it.  All in mint condition and a surprise endorsement by the Duke on the first album cover!!!
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Julie said...

I remember when these people came to my town when I was a kid. They were so clean-cut and wholesome. I still have nightmares ;-)

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Sorry folks the noize buzz came back somehow thus week..remember it happened before and i had to cut off a loose phono ground connector and do a bsre wire wrap kn the terminal...well that was week of Canned Heat post...noize isnt as harsh as it was and i redid that week with using soffware festure but didnt get it all...anyhoo i remember touching that wire midway thru this weekd session and bled off the noize turd jusg reminder to redo in future repost

Bear From Delaware said...

They performed superbowl half-time shows including one of the worst in history.

Up With People was a cult that stemmed from the religious, reactionary group Moral Rearmament. The group was often sent as a propagandist ambassador for the U.S. to several other countries to combat communism and act as the fresh, wholesome face of America. The troupe was funded by corporate entities including Halliburton, General Motors, Exxon, and Searle, was intended to counter the hippie subculture. The musical group emphasized extreme right wing politics, and the troupe rules included aspects of a religious cult, including arranged marriages.