Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Vulgar Boatmen - Please Panic LP w You And Your Sister LP 89

REPOST Request:  Now these guys even though they are from somewhere in Florida I'm guessing, they were actually talked about in the same breath with other gentle groove bands like the Feelies from Athen, GA and just a short 'roadtrip' away.  I got the first LP not sure when if before the 89 one I ripped here as that one could be a Feelies outtake LP but yeah they knew of each other and hey, the Feelies toured with a favorite of mine fIREHOSE.  Feelies tuned their guitars between every song as the grrrooove is sooo key!!!


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Any chance for re-upload? Thank you in advance, David

APRIL 23, 2018 AT 4:32 AM

brekinapez said...

They were from Gainesville originally. I was heading off in the direction of grindcore and death metal at that time, so I never went to see any of their few shows around town as their melodic pop just wasn't my scene, but I remember seeing that 45 in the singles box at Hyde & Zeke's all the time.